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People's Republic of Cormacstan

All Hail El Presidente!

The PRC is a prosperous and happy land that consists of the ofice at Cormac and Ivey's apartment.

The living room is the Official Embassy, and is thereby Sovereign Territory.

The Standing Government of the PRC

  • Cormac El Presidente
  • Taver Minister of Public Strangeness and Press Liaison
  • Kokeiro Minister of Hate Goes Through the Foam
  • Syeda Minister of Eh

The Anthem of the People's Republic of Cormacstan

(to the tune of Oh Canada)

Oh Cormacstan!
The office at Cormac and Ivey's!
There's two computers, but only one really works!
From the half bath to the closet, that's filled with Amtgard stuff..
And the serger, and sewing machine,
Cormac has a fez
Oh, Cormacstan, it's the Home of the Whopper
Oh Cormacstan, beware the poles on the wall
Oh, Cormacstan, we stand on floor in thee