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Crawley, of Forgotten Glades, Blackspire

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The current acting Regent of the Forgotten Glades he started playing Amtgard the very same day that the Forgotten Glades had it's first park day and became one of the founding members to established the park. He's proud as a chipmunk to have been the one to come up with the name that won the vote taken to decided the chapters name. He is currently considering a statue in his own honour.
His allegiance Lies with the captain of The Black Hand as a heart in their company as well as to any friend holding office who needs a body guard for feast.

Affiliated Groups

The Black Hand

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


  • Regent of Forgotten Glades Oct-2017-present.

Attempts to assassinate elected officials thus far

  • King IDK man -Shattered Kingdoms 2017 -Failed, Many died of poisoning (mostly children) during which time Black Company distract the outside guards while The Black Hand began a skirmish inside resulting in the deaths of many, most notably The Black Spire Champion Vaune and a Black Hand house leader by the name Moshpit. During the skirmish Crawley eventually fell to the pole-axe of Cole Caecus.

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