Crew of the Drunken Kraken

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Crew of the Drunken Kraken

Argh! We be the crew of the Drunken Kraken! Enjoying the finer tings that life 'as to proffer is the ting we enjoy almost as much as the briny deep. Fighting? Aye! Eating and embibing in spoils? Aye! Raiding, pillaging, plundering and otherwise pilfering our weasely black guts out? AYE!!! We be pirates! Savvy!?!

Biography of Group

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Members of the Drunken Kraken

Lord Gaius Agrotera = (Captain)

Lady Rowana = (Bos'n)

William Bootstrap Turnip = (Quartermaster)

Nafereth = (Helmsman)

Grumpy Artaith Lillith Noor = (Pyrate Cook)

Amara (Shadowcrest) = (Parrot)

Zane (Shadowcrest) Esquire = (Crow's Nest)

Tavi (Shadowcrest) = (Rigging Mate)

Abavus Zaccaro = (Crewman)

Bandaid = (Crewman)

Ella BlackWolf = (Crewman)

Lucian Ironhand DuChevalier = (Crewman)

Nyx Amaris = (Crewman)

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