Crimson Guard

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(Back Row: Laharal; Middle Row Left to Right: Rianne, Dee, Vetta, Maus, Lark; Bottom Row Left to Right: Luna, Ascli, Sirien, Ausric at BotD XV)

Company based out of the Principality of the Nine Blades in the Kingdom of Goldenvale. Colors are Black, Silver and Red.


Founded as the Crimson Vixens in March of 2008 by Ascli, Sirien, Blacksnake and Rianne in Caradoc Hold. The Guard are dedicated to all aspects of Amtgard. They praise all new members in their strengths and encourage them in their weaknesses. They enjoy fighting together but they also enjoy Role Playing together. They currently have members in Caradoc Hold, Twilight Peak, Blightstone Hallow, Felfrost ane more, and are looking at expanding throughout the North.

In November 2009, they underwent some reorganization and refocusing. They chose a leader and streamlined their goals, while also creating the Household, House Crimson. The house is dedicated to pursuing the Arts and Sciences and Serving Amtgard, and intended for players who want to remain close to the Guard, but not in the fighting company itself. In May of 2010, they underwent a renaming, to the Crimson Guard, to better reflect their new direction.

Mission statement

The Crimson Guard is a fighting company whose goal is to fight together with honor, humor, and heart. They will strive for their best, lend a hand to those who need it, and overcome the worst as a family. They wish to create a friendly environment that supports those who want to become well rounded players, and work hard to keep positive attitudes in light of an ever changing game.

Fighting Company Members

House Crimson members