Crimson Plains

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The Shire of Crimson Plains, under the Empire of Rivermoor

Amtgard Chapter
Crimson Plains
Kingdom Rivermoor
Status Shire
City Miles City, Montana
Park Riverside Park
Meets on Saturdays 11pm
Founded 2009
Active Active


Heraldry for this chapter, created by ?????


  • This park was founded in mid July of 2009 after a group

of interested locals requested that Skystone sponsor a demo.

  • This demo was a resounding success with over 20 people in attendance,

an unexpectedly large number for our small town, and the park was founded shortly thereafter.

  • This park went defunct in June 2013.
  • This park was refounded in April 2015 and joined the Empire of Rivermoor in 2016.
  • We currently meet at riverside park on Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00.


Contacts and Directions

  • Miles City, MT 59301
  • Sat 11:00 (Riverside Park)

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