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A Shire of the Kingdom of the Tal Dagore, located in Chillicothe, IL.

Amtgard Chapter
Acanthus Crest
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Status Barony
City East Peoria, IL
Park Fondulac Farm Park
Meets on Sundays 2pm
Founded 2006
Active '


Kingdom of Rising Winds

Cursed Prairie 2.jpg

Cursed Prairie was reincarnated by Maggie O'Conner & Shinsei in 2006.

Directions & Contacts

This Chapter meets on Sundays at 2pm at the following locations:

Spring thru. Fall: Veterans of Foreign Wars Park, 500 Springfield Rd, East Peoria, IL 61611

Winter: Fondulac Farm Park, 305 Neumann Drive, East Peoria, IL 61611

Wednesday: Ditch Only Practice (rain or shine), 6400 N. University, Peoria, IL

Monday: Practice in Galesburg- Contact Shinsei for more details

Directions to Fondulac Park District Springfield RD, East Peoria, IL via Google Maps.


Before it's current incarnation it was attempted twice in other places. Cursed Prairie was originally located in Bloomington/Normal when the park was first formed in 2002. However, Callandra moved to Texas shortly afterwards and others also moved away at the end of the school year. The remaining members who were willing to hold office didn't live in Bloomington/Normal so Cursed Prairie was relocated to Peoria. The members who lived in Bloomington/Normal just went back to fighting in Belegarth.

Cursed Prairie never really took hold in Peoria and finally died off in 2004 (not quite sure when valkyrja finally gave up). In the fall of 2006, Maggie and Shinsei moved to Peoria and wanted to start up a park. Cursed Prairie was reborn and finally had some success. In theory, the old records from before the park's collapse years ago still exist somewhere, but nobody is sure where they are.

Recent History

As of November 2007 Cursed Prairie is a Shire. Former residents of Forsaken Lakes have started to migrate to Cursed Prairie as well, so far claiming at least Tenshi, Sraw, Sir Liam Mc'Oi, Syrus, THOC, T-FOC, Ronin, Shinsei & Kaio. Some of these players have moved on since then.

We also kept records for Elemental Fields until they got a solid foundation in securing a park & ORK entry.

Households & Companies

Cursed Prairie is home to multiple households in Amtgard. The two most prominent ones are listed below.
The Order of the Dying Light: A small household based on the principles of fighting & training with reach weapons.
House Misty Hollow: A growing household for the outcasts of Amtgard. Mercenaries, thieves, fey-folk alike, all are welcome here.

Cursed Prairie also has members in fighting companies including Crimson Marauders, Dagger of the Silver Moon, & Saracens - Tribe Hellfire.

Notable Members



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For More Info

For more info call 309.369.6637 (Ask for Lexi)
call/text 309.340.5863 (Ask for Chris)


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