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Dagon, of Hellsfire of Siar Geata, Principality of Westmarch under [[Hails from the kingdom of northern lights]


Dagon started his amtgard career In the land of Mithril hills in the Kingdom of northern lights. Dagon was drawn to the fighting level and skill of LEGACY, after taking 1st place in his first tournament Dagon was approached by Savinick from LEGACY. Dagon then became a man at arms to Sav, he became an apprentice at winter bash 2017. A full brother at rosewood 2019. Dagon currently belongs to the kingdom of Westmarch, spreading the LEGACY name across California.


Champion of Siar Geata 2019 Monarch of Siar Geata 2019

Affiliated Groups

Northern lights, Westmarch LEGACY

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