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"I've had a bad day, you're about to have a worse one."


Dak (who also goes by Evelyn) began Amtgard roughly in 2002, starting out with Faye in the Shire of the Silver Sun. She met Evil Randy and Taly there, and learned most of her fighting skills from them and Melinda. In 2004 Dak joined with Feanga, and eventually the two shires merged into Eternal Coast. She has attended nearly every meeting at Eternal Coast as they tried moving around to get a better place, eventually finding Oak Park to be as good a place as any. She can only claim a role of Captain of the Guard during Joe's reign as Sherriff in 2006-2007 (roughly). Most of her records are sketchy or lost as the Eternal Coast group has diminished, but she swears to revive the group once again. She also hopes to be as good as Sir Lief with a single short sword.

Notable Accomplishments

Captain of the Guard


Order of the Mask

Lands Regularly Attended

Eternal Coast

Seven Sleeping Dragons (sort of)