Darkwater (New Mexico)

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Amtgard Chapter
Darkwater Hollow
The Kingdom of Golden Plains
Status Shire
City Portales, New Mexico
Park Campus Union Building
Meets on Saturdays at 2:00pm
Founded 2013
Active Active

The Shire of Darkwater Hollow


In Progress


Darkwater Hollow has been known by many names. Initially starting as the freehold of Darkwater, after discovering another chapter in Florida using the same name both fields changed their names respectively to Darkwater West and Darkwater East. After a period of inactivity, the chapter was reformed as the Shining Dogs. Holding their park days on the campus of Eastern New Mexico University, the chapter became a Shire under the Kingdom of Dragonspine. At their height, the Shire boasted over 40 populace on a weekly basis due to continued interest by the attending student body. However, over time the numbers lowered and a majority of the remaining populace decided to cut ties with ENMU, moving to nearby Rotary Park. This change also led to the Shire leaving Dragonspine for the Kingdom of Golden Plains, and the chapter renaming themselves to Heaven's Abyss. Time passed, and the chapter fell into inactivity and eventual disbandment. Now thanks to a few committed populace, Portales Amtgarders once again have a field to call home as Darkwater Hollow.

Current Monarchy



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This park does not meet regularly. Please check Facebook for schedule information.
When active, Darkwater Hollow meets Saturdays at 2:00pm near the Campus Union Building at Eastern New Mexico University!
ENMU Campus Union Building Map(1500 S Ave K, Portales, New Mexico 88130)

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