Darphius Chronus

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Sir Darphius Chronus, of Drandmir, HFS

”The true doorway to greatness is the self, conquer the self and you will fear no army, whether mortal or divine”

The Ambassador Rick Morley ambassadoring it up at a WL event


More often known by his mundane name, Rick Morley, and Cecil von Luna, Darphius joined HFS in 1993. He was knighted for service in 1996 under the kingdom of Silverspire and for fighting in 2002 at the combine realms war. He joined Amtgard in 2001 in Torimar. He plays in the City State of Drandmir and Barony Slaughter Creek.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • awarded Knight of the Dragon in Stonebridge for fighting 2002
  • awarded Knight of the Falcon in Silver Spire for Service 1996

Notable Accomplishments

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  • Personal Website
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