Darrian's Letter Re: Northern Lights

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My Lords and Ladies,

I have recently been approached by a few people asking about a rumor circulating around stating that Blackspire intends to pull the contract from Northern Lights. I want to get this cleared up before too many people start to panic. This rumor is simply not true. No, I do not intend to pull their contract.

I intend to go through some of the paperwork for the lands as a housekeeping measure. With Stormhaven petitioning for Kingdom status this year at Clans I wanted to make sure that Blackspire had all of our ducks in a row so we can help them out. Also, I wanted to take a look at things like Deep Water Gorge, a land that has no members and does not seem to be meeting, and see what we need to do about this. Since we were going to be looking at a number of lands already, it seemed like a good idea to just go through everyone and make sure everyone is on the right page, Northern Lights was part of this.

And, before anyone starts to worry about their own land, I'm not "head-hunting" anyone. If there is a problem with any of the paperwork for a land, then we will contact the appropriate people and work with them to get the situation fixed. Last reign I started working with some of our lands to make sure that all of them were contracted properly with Burning Lands, this is just an extension of that work.

I'm in the middle of trying to promote Amtgard in the region and draw in more people. The last thing I need to do is tell people they can't play because one piece of paper is missing from our records. I want everyone to be able to have fun, I just want to make sure that we're not in trouble with anyone because we don't have the appropriate paperwork on file.

If you have any other questions or concerns about this, please let me know. You can always contact me directly if you have any concerns like this, I will be more than happy to answer any questions that I can.

In Service,
King Darrian II