Dat Boi Sploob

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Squire Dat Boi Sploob, of Silver Moon, Blackspire

"O shit waddup”

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Dat Boi Sploob started in Silvermoon in 2016. He wants to get gud.

Affiliated Groups

Domus Octavii

Belted Family

Prior to their knighting Uriel was squired to Dama Kaia Kym-Nak-Mar.

Retired Squires

While unbelted much of their time prior to knighthood, Uriel spent their final year as a squired to Dame Kaia. Kaia would help fine tune and prepare Uriel to be a knight.

While not part of Domus Octavii, the extended knight family household, Kaia still holds a place of reverence from Uriel and all who were begot from their belt.

Notable Accomplishments

Progenitor of Amphibians

More Information

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