Dekker McKeagan

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Man at Arms TimeLord Dekker McKeagan Karuwhogod, of Forsaken Hollow




Started playing Amtgard in May of 2010 in the Valdosta, GA park, Forsaken Hollow. He has held the park offices of Champion (one term won), Regent (one elected, one partial appointed), and Monarch (one partial by default, two elected consecutive, one elected for partial term), Regent of Winter's Edge and the position of Prince of Winter's Edge and has helped organize several charity tournaments, raffles and handing out of awards, as well as helping to organize charity events within the Valdosta community (Azelia Featival and local Gay Pride events)

Currently not in office, but still helps where he can

Affiliated Groups

House Gallifrey - Founder/Head

Belted Family

Man at Arms to Grand Duke Sir Nocturne Karuwhogod, of Neverwinter

Notable Accomplishments

  • Order of the Coronary (cultural creation of "Ol' Bitey" for crown quals at local park)
  • Granted a TimeLord title by King Shalazar at Neverwinter MidReign event "Zombie's Ate My Candy" in Lake Park, GA (November 2, 2012)
  • Acknowledged as Paragon Archer at Neverwinter Defrost 2016 by King Kelbo

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me after receiving my Lord title, holding Boo




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