Diablo's Cauldron

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A defunct shire of Westmarch, located in Concord, California.




It all began in a fencing club at Clayton Valley High where Frank Bruketta- the teacher in charge of the fencing club- showed his students strange foam swords and told them of a game named Amtgard. The swords were designed with complete safety in mind, enough so even for the high-schoolers to use them on each other in "battle." Those students began a new shire with great ambitions and goals to fulfill in the world of Amtgard.

Founded by Durham, Auro and company in May of 2009. Diablo's Cauldron joined the Principality of Westmarch in October of 2010. Due to lack of leadership and organization, Diablo's Cauldron met for the last time in May 2013.



(Left to Right) Simpleton, Texas, Alden, Ragnar, Caliban, Nightmare, Nyx, Barney, Silver Claw, Durham


Contacts and Directions

Diablo's Cauldron met at Newhall Park in Concord, CA, every Saturday, from noon till 5pm. They met at the picnic area across the bridge.