Dizzy Vertigo

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Viscount Warlord Sir Dizzy Vertigo Demon, Defender of Celestial Kingdom

It couldn't have hurt man, you didn't feel it the first time.


Dizzy Vertigo
Current Park Nocturnis
Kingdom CK
Year Started 1997
Company The Chosen
Noble Title Knight of the Sword, Warlord

Dizzy started playing with a group of friends in Raven's Wood, WL in 1997. He and that same group of guys moved to The Celestial Kingdom in 2001. His group of friends became Raven's Fury. During their stay Raven's Fury was easily the third best company in the Celestial Kingdom.

Dizzy believes that Amtgard is truely a honor game. If the person does not feel the shot, honestly hit them harder!

Affiliated Groups

Dizzy is a High Priest of the Chosen.

Belted Family

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

  • Dizzy is a stick jock. He has served one term as Baron and two as Champion of Tori-Mar, and served as the 33rd Champion of the Celestial Kingdom, After which he was given the title of Defender.
  • Most often seen bruising ribs with a BoB-like hatred on the ditch field.
  • One of the few people to have Jynx take his shots.
  • Dizzy is not a troll, just ask him!

Notable Accomplishments