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Dr.X, of North Haven, Rising Winds

"Dragons not going to be happy one of her eggs is broke "


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Dr.X's tribe was slaughtered by the enemies of Odin when he was but 5 summers old. The only other survivors were his two brothers which were 4 summers old. Even at 5 Dr.X tried to fight but was knocked out by a rock. When he awoke his brothers had pulled him into the woods. There village was a blaze of flames. There were dead bodies everywhere. That night they stayed up to the evil glow of the flames. In the morning he went back in to the village to find supplies and found his father's twin swords named sonnhet and rettferdighet. After many battles with his bothers against the crimson circle, they betrayed him for his gold. Now he wonders the land looking for solace in the chaos of combat.

Dr.X is a barbarian. He is not a loud, boisterous barbarian, instead he is a quiet. He and his barbarian brothers Mr. Coffin and Skyoverkill were hanging out in a tree enjoying fine tobacco and watching the local wild life when, from across a vast lake, they saw people with swords. So they snuck up quietly upon them, and there first thought was to steal their swords and kill them. However, before they could do this a loud mouth wizard named Maramus spotted them and, praise Odin, he gave us swords. The wizard, however, wouldn't shut up. They just kept listening and listening thinking he knew they were going to kill him, so he cast some sort of spell on them and Thor almighty we became friends.

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