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Formed in 2002, this Northwest based fighting company has garnered most of it's attention from their reputation of fighting hard and partying even harder. The feeling you get just by being around them is one of acceptance. To be a Dragon means to be honorable, respectful, humble, and honest. A Dragon of the Rune will always fight the good fight. Honour, fidelity, integrity, respect, and family are the five tenets of the Dragons, and they strive ever to exemplify those qualities; and call each other out if a brother or sister is not doing so.

Episode IV A New Hope

It is a period of civil war.

Rebel spaceships, striking

from a hidden base, have won

their first victory against

the evil Galactic Empire.

During the battle, Rebel

spies managed to steal secret

plans to the Empire's

ultimate weapon, the DEATH

STAR, an armored space

station with enough power to

destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire's

sinister agents, Princess

Leia races home aboard her

starship, custodian of the

stolen plans that can save

her people and restore

freedom to the galaxy.....

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  • Full Member Kiru
  • Full Member Page Kuldar DrakkZarr
  • Full Member Denna
  • Full Member Tubtub
  • Full Member Chunk
  • Full Member Fro-Zone
  • Full Member Kaz Banefire
  • Full Member Porkchop
  • Full Member Stormy
  • Full Member Skry
  • Full Member Kupan
  • Full Member Onion
  • Full Member Grim Dragonfist
  • Full Member The Godfather
  • Full Member Bodee
  • Full Member Lunchbawx
  • Full Member Holly
  • Full Member Skittles
  • Full Member Ruggles
  • Full Member Dakaren

Inactive Members

  • Angelica - Member Retired
  • Big Panda - Officer Inactive
  • Marx - Member Inactive
  • Omnis - Member Inactive
  • Rondel - Member Retired
  • Kryasol


  • Initiate Elden Greystar---[Theron]
  • Initiate Fire-Lord Squire Durnik Aldursvale-Darkjester---[Miller Time]
  • Initiate Page Strider---[ Boros the Spider ]
  • Initiate Halk-Gar---[Kuldar Drak Zarr]
  • Initiate Vexon Voiderhond---[Heathen]
  • Initiate Page Z---[Skry]
  • Initiate Ross---[Theron]
  • Initiate DreadLord Man-at-Arms Xero---Galuria


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