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Baronet Squire Michael "Drakes" Drakewater, of Madoc's Keep, Rising Winds


Started 1998


Michael drakewater was born the bastard son of Robin goodfellow a fae also known as the puck. Drakes grew to adulthood before his fathers bloodline manifested and strange things began to happen. As a traveling bard and storyteller he found that his words and songs ensnared many of his listeners accused by the church for being a warlock he was tried and sentenced to burn at the stake. During his execution drakes was able to cross into the realm of amtgardia to escape his own death. Cursed with immortality as many of the hero's of amtgardia are he has aligned himself with a group of Vikings known as Grendel. He can be found in the kingdom of the Rising Winds where he travels the southern reaches of the kingdom slaying monsters and teaching others who are newly awakened in this chaotic world.

Affiliated Groups

Founder of jotunhiem Former member of five oaks Currently plays in madocs keep. Jarl of Grendel

Belted Line

Squire to Sir Konrad of the bull clan

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