Duskan Dumah Gaust

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Viscount Squire Duskan Dumah Gaust, of Twilight Moon, the Kingdom of Neverwinter

Viscount Duskan Dumah Gaust


First sign in was at Twilight Moon back in 06/14/2011

Duskan would regularly visit Morohaven and after the denunciation of Twilight Moon became an official citizen of Morohaven.

Formerly Belted to Sir Squire DaPage, formerly Belted to Sir Sekaon Tree

Affiliated Groups

The Seven Beasts of Twilight Master of the Beast Cerberus, Guardian of the Gate

Celestial Artisans Household

Hearthkeepers Household

House Companion

House Fierce

House Saphira

Legion Fighting Company

Sloughing Duskans Household

Former Member of Phoenix Guard Fighting Company

Belted Family

Dapage Beltline

Notable Accomplishments

Paragon Archer 05/06/2017

Paragon Peasant 05/26/2018

Received the Title of Lord 01/24/2015

Received the Title of Viscount 11/12/2016

The Nutcracker (Obvious reason is Obvious)

Keeper of the Twilight Gate

5 Orders of the Dragon

5 Orders of the Garber

4 Orders of the Griffin

5 Orders of the Lion

6 Orders of the Owl

8 Orders of the Rose

2 Orders of the Smith

4 Orders of the Warrior

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