Sylvan Glade

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A Duchy of Winter's Edge, located in Augusta, Georgia



Previously known as EastWind Castle. Sylvan Glade has recently undergone a move and name change.

The Duchy of Sylvan Glade is currently meeting at Pendleton king park!

We have around 30- 45 players out on our biweekly park days. The park players are split into groups of about half fighters and half noncoms.



Duke -Greymane wolfie Brightflame

Regent - Gobbo Goldenbow

Champion - Hollow

Prime Minister - Rosalynn Ravenwind

Guild Master of Reeves - Takuu unloved

Contacts and Directions

Sylvan Glade meets at 1600 Troupe St in Augusta Georgia on Sunday afternoons. 12pm til 4pm every other Sunday.

Please join us on our Facebook page below. 
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