Eldak Ricven

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Eldak Ricven, of Noxterra



Having played in multiple groups around the country in his travels in the armed services, Eldak settled in Caradoc Hold for a while and enthusiastically began a number of creative armour projects for which he quickly gained at least local fame. He stayed there for a few years until he moved south to Florida where he now plays at the growing Freehold of Noxterra.

Affiliated Groups

The Seraphim fighting company
Seraphim Heraldry.jpg

Notable Accomplishments

  • First Sheriff of Crest Haven (March 2012 - Sept 2012)
  • One of the Outsiders to travel 30+hrs to get to Fury of the Northlands 2012
  • Sucessfully kidnapped Miaka, the then Queen of Goldenvale, Fury 2012
  • Earned eternal love from Caradoc Hold

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