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Lord Elixir, of Ashen Hills Rising Winds

”I'm old and tired; let me sleep...”



Elixir is young in the game (only playing since 2004), yet already considered a group leader at the local level. He is known only to some, as he isn't outspoken about his combat prowess, which (for the Rising Winds, anyway) is considerable, especially such for his short time playing. Moving in and out of a few figting groups in his career, Elxir has found his place in Dark Harvest, a quickly growing fighting company throughout the Rising Winds.

Affiliated Groups

Dark Harvest

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

One of the ten in the "Ten versus World" Battle at Discord VII

One of the fifteen in the "Fifteen versus World" Battle at Discord VIII

Also, earned his fourth OotW twice in two different tournaments before receiving the award at the endreign. (Note - did the same with his Fifth, the first of the Two streaks being at the tournament held for the coronation celebration at which he was awarded his Fourth)

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