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Mistress Mistress-at-Arms Eliyana, of Bellhollow, in the Principality of The Nine Blades, Kingdom of Rising Winds


Mistress Mistress-at-Arms Eliyana started playing Amtgard in the summer of 2016. She has been a member of the Barony of Bellhollow ever since. She has served terms in office, enjoys crafting, and playing wizard.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Baronetess Bonnie The Broken Wench

      • SeizureBean-at-Arms Thelma the Chihuahua,  Licker of Noses, Detector of Pressures, The Toothless Wonder.
      • Page Daisy The Great Floof, The Goodest Girl, Slayer of Ants, Eater of Moths, Hunter of Wasps, Killer of Flies, and Bracer of The Broken.

Notable Accomplishments

Noble Title of Mistress bestowed upon her on 18 February 2017 by Prince Iarwain of the Nine Blades.

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