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Emarthnguarth appears to have started in Ellicott City, MD around 1978. Thanks to a partial scan of their rule book, we've learned quite a bit.

From the Emarthnguarth Outdoor Wargaming Rulebook, 2nd edition:

From the Foreword

Welcome new and old warriors, to the world of Emarthnguarth. Before you is the product of over four years of work researching, experimenting, play testing, and revising.

This second edition was printed in 1983 (the same year that gave birth to our own Amtgard).

From the Introduction

Once upon a time, there was a group of 10 to 15 rather fanatical Dungeons and Dragons players. On a particularly warm day in the spring of 1978, restless because of the nice sunny day, they came up with a brilliant idea. Why not leave the stuffy abode, forsaking the dice, pencils, and graph paper, and venture outdoors to physically act out their character's adventures. They used twigs as swords and nerf balls for spells. The game was enjoyed so much that day that they decided to play again the next weekend this time armed with plastic swords and dressed in the garb of heroes and monsters. As word of the game spread, more and more people started signing up. This was the beginning of Emarthnguarth.

Since that day Emarthnguarth has evolved and improved immensely. The game has become much safer, and much more realistic. With the added element of fantasy Emarthnguarth has distinguished itself from other live wargaming groups (this appears to be a reference to Dagorhir) . Membership has grown considerably.

The game derives its name from the name of the world or plane created by the inventors, and used in their fantasy campaigns. Emarthnguarth is a totally separate world from Earth. It is not Medieval Europe, Pre Medieval Europe, or any other continent in any other land in this world. Emarthnguarth is a land with no technology and no progress. It is a world of swords, sprites, and sorcery. A land of men, and monsters- elves, and dwarves.

The game itself is played with either 2 large teams made up of several countries, or with each country striking out for itself. When you begin to play Emarthnguarth, you must choose which country best suits your character. Once you are in a country you are usually there to stay. Countries never change, only teams change. If you do not find a country which suits your character you will have to fight with the Nomads. See section # 3 "Countries".


With the exception of your first battle, you are required to pay a 75 cent per battle membership dues. If you come late, and miss inspection, you must pay double to dues. It is unfair for one or two people to hold everyone else up, so be at inspection on time.

The dues are used to pay for booths at the fairs and festivals we attend, to purchase rental weapons and costumes, to lower the cost of the rulebooks, and "The Veteran" (their newsletter), to pay for the marking tape used at battles, the postage on mailed items, and the long distance phone bills. The dues are also used to pay for some of the food at the feasts and tournaments. Emarthnguarth is a non-profit organization. No one associated with the group is being paid, or is making any money from the group. All of the council members and other staff are volunteers.

It would appear that Frank J Roso Jr. was the only copyright holder, and that the previous version was copyrighted a year prior. This make the author wonder about "started in 1978" and "over 4 years of researching etc", unless one were to also consider the 1st edition the result of over 3 years of researching etc. It's also interesting that the Amtgard RoP was only registered with the US copyright office once... by someone you may have heard of.