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Baroness Squire Rhapsody von Etoh, of Astral Winds Dragonspine



Baroness Rhapsody joined Astral Winds in November of 2000. She has served as Monarch, Regent, Champion, GMR and several Guild Master positions in that time.

She has attended the Gathering of the Clans, Rakis and Spring War Inter-Kingdom events.

She also rocks the cello.

Belted Family

Baroness Rhapsody is Squire to Baron Sir Gorin.

Baroness Rhapsody has one page: Kian

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Man-at-Arms - August 2002
Lady - Given by Queen Azrael Jade, February 2005
Appeared in the online comic Fink-o-Rama as "Etoh of the North".
Squire - November 2007
Baroness - Given by King Randall, February 2008

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