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A defunct freehold chapter, located in Haslett, Michigan.



Expendia was formed unofficially March 8th, 2008. The park was founded as a Splinter Group by Ashen Hills veterans, who had grown weary of kingdom legislature, and politics. The park was formed solely on the basis of realistic combat, where most if not all park members use heavy weapons and strong team tactics on the battlefield. The park was named after the fighting company "The Expendable Army" which formed the entire populous that split off of Ashen Hills to form the chapter. Expendia had spurts of motivation generally followed by some sort of event, or raid.

Nowadays, Expendia has left Amtgard behind, but several of its members still gather to play other games.


Current Expendables in Expendia.
Noremac Firebane, Chieftan of the Expendable Army, and Expendia.

Kacoo, 1st Lieutenant of the Expendable Army.

Demitri Kincaid, 2nd Lieutenant of the Expendable Army.

TyGita, Ambassador, and head Assassin (Ambassin) of the Expendable Army. Prime Minister of Expendia.

Kate, Medic in the Expendable Army, and Regent of Expendia.

Joe!, Standard Bearer of the Expendable Army.

Eh! Steve, Soldier of the Expendable Army.

Ghost, Soldier of the Expendable Army.

Valdaar, Soldier of the Expendable Army.

Malisvrek, Fresh meat of the Expendable Army.

Natasha, Color.

Contacts and Directions

Expendia met every Sunday at 1:00pm at Hillbrook Park in Haslett, Michigan, east of Lansing.

Noremac Firebane - Expendable_Noremac@yahoo.com