Ezekiel MacAllister

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Baronet Page Ezekiel MacAllister of Wolvenfang, Goldenvale




Ezekiel is a 6th level Druid and Warrior of Wolvenfang. He began playing just before Frostbite in February of 2010. He has since thrown himself in to questing, role play and the general atmosphere of the group. He has served as Pro-tem Champion of Wolvenfang for one term and as Champion for one term. He can often be found helping out where needed, and having a general good attitude on field.

Affiliated Groups

Belted family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Title - Awarded Frostbite 2012
  • Baronet - Award by Saint Cy at Frostbite 2015

Positions Held

Ducal Champion: Feb 2011 - Aug 2011

More Information

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