Falcon's Nest

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a defunct freehold chapter, located in Elkhart, IN


Falcon's Nest.jpeg


  • Founded in or around July 2008 by members splitting off of Thundering Rivers following its removal from the Kingdom of the Rising Winds
  • October 2008: Many members from Falcon's Nest leave to join Harrowing Citadel. Clayr, previously banned from participation at Thundering Rivers says that she will stay and try to grown the floundering freehold.
  • In spring 2011 the group surfaced again when Claytr created a new mailing list and facebook profile.
  • In 2012 during the 2012 Audit sweep, A local from Harrowing Citadel stated the group was no longer functioning when asked about it.


People known to have played in Falcon's Nest

Sajish Nar-l
Edward Blood
Izz Rethdaer
Merdoc LeFey

Contacts and Directions

Falcon's Nest was an Amtgard park in Elkhart, Indiana. We met on Sundays at about 1:00 PM until we are all too tired to swing foam. During the warmer months we met at Bicentennial Park, and during the winter we moved indoors to Woodlawn Nature Center.