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Fanny, of Siar Geata Westmarch

”Your madu looks like a fan. Doh!”

"I was just about to borrow your shield, and then that javelin hit me in the face -and- my back!"--Describing a particularly unfortunate javelin toss which Woodstock inadvertently deflected onto her

Here we see Fanny, standing in the middle, just to the left of the mysterious fiery blur.


Fanny had her name inflicted on her when she repeatedly observed how Lucas the Lost's madu looked like a fan, despite several warnings as to the consequences of her actions.

She and her RL husband, Killian, have recently welcomed their first born, Jack, into the world. As such, they don't make it out too much. However, her appearances of late have revealed the fact that she is an extremely promising Quick. Despite this fact, she tends to be hit particularly often by random projectiles for someone of her small size (many of which weren't even aimed at her to begin with), which may be why she now generally wears a tabard with a nice bull's-eye target on the front. Undaunted, she usually takes the field (when she can) with a tentative smile on her face and a kindly laugh when something neat happens.

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Belted Family

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  • Mother.

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