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Duquessa Riddari Faunna Drachenblume, of Eagleshire the Emerald Hills

Who said you could tend my fire?


Faunna was born to a peaceful old maid who quietly cultivated herbs in the rich soil surrounding her secluded woodland home. The few years she enjoyed childhood in the arms of her adoring mother were filled with joy. The world was her playground and it was filled with nature's wonderful bounty while the fireplace was her secret window to another realm.

Between the mystery of the red-headed child's paternity and an untimely outbreak of disease in a nearby village Faunna was ultimately traumatized by violence as a young girl by watching her mother die at the hands of an unjustified angry mob. The only thing that spared her the same fate was that her father, a Demon Lord named Wolverine who had seduced the old maid, caused her to fade to invisible before their very eyes. The villager’s celebration of victory over "the witch" and the child she had supposedly created by "steeling the life-forces of the village children" was short lived once Wolvie satisfied his disappointment at having to find a new terrestrial home for the child he specifically hadn't wanted exposed to the horrors of the underworld.

The subsequent shifting between guardians, countries, and even planes of reality irrevocably warped the young half-human during her formative years. This limited exposure to a great many cultures is reflected in her atypical sense of style and unusual social mannerisms.


In the year 1993 of mundanely Faunna discovered the world of Amtgard and a newly formed band of misfits who were the bastard sons of Yahoo Shroom and other orphans known as the Green Dragons. She was officially belted as a member at Clan for 1996 where she enjoyed a sense of family and enjoyed the comforts one can only call home in what was oddly enough family style military service.

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I had no Knight. I'll have no Squires.

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