February 2008

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February 29th to March 2 2008


Amtgard Media Coverage

The Wetlands gets some interesting coverage via the Houston Press

The Frostlands is also in the news. And they appear in video on Fox 11

Burning Lands

  • No News

Emerald Hills

Celestial Kingdom

Golden Plains

  • In the last few weeks there have been several discussions on how to improve feelings about the kingdom on GP's Forums.
  • Held a 10,000BC Demo organized by Kamal at 6PM on Friday at the UA. About 11 people attended despite the fact that it was held on GP's Coronation weekend.
  • GP Coronation Held at Camp Don Harrington, the price is 10$ a person. 225 attendees!

Iron Mountains


  • Dragonspine has returned home from their annual victory against their out laying lands. Lost Souls, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Thundering Mountain, Socorro, New Mexico; and Alucard's Guardman of Tempe, Arizona; all rose against their king this year, but were ultimately stamped down.
  • On Monday March 9 at 7:00PM a BoD Meeting willin have been held at Palas's home.
  • An Alternate BoD seat has come up empty.



  • A Kingdom Althing was held. Charles White (Stryker) has been showing back up to Amtgard in CM in direct violation of the BOD's ban/directive. There was much discussion, some of it on topic, much of it not, and a few heated words snuck in just to say 'hi, we're here'. The monarch and the prime minister asked for it to be tabled as it is a BOD issue and not an althing issue. Motion passed.
  • Ironwood, a chapter of the wetlands in Conroe, Texas will hold a Arts and Sciences competition.


Rising Winds


  • Blackspire will hold it's Kingdom coronation at McClellend Art Center in Longview, WA. This will be King Darrian's Second consecutive reign. Fodder BS's perma Prime Minister amazingly had entered all awards and credits from the event before dawn on following Sunday. King Darrian the 2nd issued a challenge in Court to all of the lands of Blackspire. Each land is tasked to create one attendance drive style function.
  • Sir Tseng receives his second belt, in the order of the crown.

Crystal Groves

  • The Crystal Groves list continues to boil with arguments for and against having an SCA household run their Feast at Feast of Fools to the tune of 1500$. They will also hold their monthly company battle on Sunday.


February February 20th - 27th

February 16th -17th 2008

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February 9th and 10th 2008

Friday February 1st to Sunday February 3rd 2008

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