Fireball (V7)

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Fireball (B, Flame)


Padded red "Fireball" with streamers


Hold ball in free hand and repeat x5 "Fireball."


Destroys (or kills) anything it touches while moving, even on a roll or foot shot (it affects all targets not just the first thing struck). When throwing the caster may declare that the Fireball is "remain active." If this is done, the Fireball will continue to burn for up to two minutes after it comes to a stop, destroying the very next thing it touches and ending the effect. Bounces count.

Monsters who get Fireball

  • Hydra (at 5th level one head gets this ability)

Things to note

A single Fireball (V7) acts as a Banish (V7) against a Water Elemental. If hit by Fireball three times in one life, it is dispelled for the rest of its lives.