Fireoak Hold

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A defunct Shire of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds, located in Findlay, Ohio.




FireOak Hold was founded in 1998 after a small group split off from the Iron Dragon Clan. Due to issues with underage drinking and drug-use, the chapter was booted from the Kingdom of the Rising Winds and fell apart shortly after in 2006. In 2010 another chapter tried to start up in Findlay, the Valley of the Dragons, headed by Sir Trible Shorty, but died quickly and the rest of the members started playing at Thee Nights Legacy.

A word from the members of FireOak Hold:

"FireOak Hold is sadly no more, Here is where we pay Homage to All Those Wonderful Times Held Within Our Walls, That now Forever are lost..."


Contacts and Directions

(This Chapter no longer meets and is defunct.

This Chapter once met at Van Buren State Park on Sundays.