Firestrike Clan

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The Firestrike Clan

A family of Kitsune (All related to one another through RP)

Our Family

About Us

A band of Kitsune bound together under a family name. We are the last of our line. A Firestrike is bold, hard-working and will always be of help. We are not blanket bunnies or chair farmers and we work to better ourselves not just as fighters, but as casters, helpers, entertainers, and friends. We are often found at RW bardics, so hit us up there if you want to meet us.

A little non RP info: We formed when Taver took Sage under her wing, and saw that Dex had a lot of potential. We are selective about our members, and it is not certain if we will add any more to our family. Each of us has a back story that ties to the others'. These can be found on the amtwiki.