Freya Valkyrie

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Lady Mistress Page Freya Valkyrie, Sterilizer of Men of Dragon's Tail, Kingdom of the Rising Winds


"Freya is the Sterilizer. Her shots end noble lineages, and her presence actively reduces fertility rates in her opponents." -Bann Squire Amdair Lassider

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Freya started playing Amtgard in May 2013, as a member of Valley of the Twin Rivers, Rising Winds.

After 2 months she took the office of Regent (acting Monarch the latter part of the term). She held 2 full terms in this office. In this time, she helped to elevate VTR to Duchy and helped coordinate a small, single day event called Snowmagedon in 2014. This was followed shortly, by a spell of semi- inactivity until February, 2016.

In March, 2016 she became Page to Master Squire Kavik.

In June, 2016, joined Temple of the Vanguard, who won Keep on the Borderlands 2016, by a combined effort with Sol Invictus.

Moved to Dragon's Tail, Rising Winds; in October, 2016, where she currently resides.

"Have you seen her use a pole arm? What do you do, lift trucks in your spare time?" -Sir Tanath

Notable Accomplishments/ Offices Held/ Titles

Affiliated Groups

Temple of the Vanguard- Acolyte (June, 2016- Present)

Belted Family