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The date for Frostbite is the 23rd and 24th of February. However, out-of towners who come into town on friday anytime after 10:30pm may stay at the event site, if they have no other place to stay for the night. No other people will be allowed to be at the site until saturday. We heavily recommend you try to find someplace else to stay.

The site is Fielding Park Lively.

We would like people to let us know who's coming, in the format I'm going to give you. Also, in the pre-register, we're going to need to be informed wether you would prefer to siege or defend in our game called 'The Siege'. More details on our game to come!!

The format for pre-register will be:

Your name (Character or Real)

  • Day 1: yes or no
  • Day 2: yes or no
  • Overnight: yes or no
  • Out of Towner: Yes or No
  • Siege: Attack or Defend

Please note, any posts made here that do not relate to pre-registration will be deleted. Just a friendly warning.

I hope to see you all at Frostbite, we're going to make this one the best one ever!

Your Frostbite co-autocrat, -Jake

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