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THE Brutal Sannin Khan Praetor-Lord F(lynn). U(lysses). Bard: The Undaunted Spinecracker, Nameless Technomancer seeker of The Nine Blades, Esq. Page to Squire Page Paige started playing in Wolvenfang August 2010. From that date he has taken any and all challenges head on, be it learning to fight better, to learn the A&S skills, or learning art of RP IRL.

The B.S.K.P.L.F.U.B; The U.S, N.T.S9B, ESQ is a big Flurb, loving to creep the rp forums, or do it on field... he just can't be his earthly self, LOL. No matter where he goes people seem to know him.. even though he has never met or seen them before. O.o


The F.U.Bard has love for many classes but mainly the melee ones. Reaching lvl 6 in barbarian, he gladly and proudly wears his white fur. He has experienced the caster classes and struggles with them but still enjoys them. The F.U.Bard's favorite thing to do on field though is run quest for all to enjoy.


You have have met The F.U.Bard a time or two, but he may not have introduced himself as such.

He has many personas; each with their own story to tell.

The F.U.Bard - a changling, with a god like complex

Nameless - a demon looking being that is puzzling to all that met it

Bragolland - the "puppet"

Olric - the vampire barbarian (MIA)

Captain William Red, of the North Wind- pirate/ former templar (currently dead)

Xibir Von Haven - shadow dancer, the anti hero. (currently in another realm)

The F.U.Bard's story

Chapter 1

He walked to amtgard from a frozen world.

Similar like most persona, tragic sounding backstory.

Evil being killed his family he seeks justice/revenge.

He came here cursed stuck to one form.

It was that of a frost giant.

Finola and magnus discovered that he was actually stuck with a relic.

It had been broken off into him when fighting the evil being.

It granted the wielder the trait frozen body

"Any shots body cause the person to freeze as per iceball"

Once they removed it from him, he was able to regain his normal form

But for about 2 years he was a frost giant that where ever he walked he would spread ice.

Chapter 2

Once freed he his life as a barbarian of the hut lands. Until meeting a wizard named Narcid.

Who had him read from a book that helped cast a spell to enslave his mind to a arch demon.

He became a violent killing machine for Narcid.

He was order to kill off certain important people.

First was Katarina and her belted family. He was almost successful but 2 got away.

Next was the black eagle family.

He at that point had started to dabble in magic and had help from another evil wizard and killed Kin Blackeagle, the son of Magnus.

After this Magnus attempted to killed fubard but was stopped by finola who found a way to release him from the demons hold.

Chapter 3.

Finally free of those dark influences. He meets Ciara Windwalker, whom he befriends and becomes family too(my first over belt)

Her and her sister wind charmer (finola alt persona) taught him many things. Magic and lore, histories, connected him to the elements for a while as they were both elementals. Though his darkness connected him to the void. They stopped him before he could go to far.

As he grew in magical power he syphon part of his soul away and his it as Ciara suggested.

Sadly shortly after this a vampiric overlord(varen) and a 3rd pheonix appears in amtgardia.

He helped people fight it for it was in his best interest.

In one final bought with it. He had gained some forbidden magics that allowed him to bypass the Phoenix charms and he mortally wounded it.

Sadly the damage to amtgard had been done and the 3rd pheonix had ripped a hole in the fabric of space/time .

Finola had a fix for it but it involved great magic and sacrifices.

Several young adventurers offered but he pushed them away and took the place as he had enough alone.

His body was destroyed, his mind shattered and his souls ripped apart and sent to the void.

This allowed for the fixing of the space/time.

But he was banished for almost 2 years.

Chapter 4

Founding of silva urbem.

It happened when bonnie and liz crashed going down a river. They discovered a type of people that were plant like. But not dreads or nymphs.

They settled with them and grew the town of silva urbem.

But little did they know was in the stuff they had, was a masked doll. That had a portion of fubard soul in it. It came to life, and became larger and more human like.

It cause mischief around town while it became aware of what it was.

Bonnie got the help of the people of bellhollow to deal with some of the evil that had sprouted up due to his mischief.

As they finished with the quest bonnie had set them on they encountered this doll creature who used the name Braggolland(dwarf for fubard)

He show great magic and stopped them all and playfully said they could pass and finish what they were doing for 2 items, gems and a dead cat.

They handed him the gems no issues but they were confused to find a dead cat. Until Liz stabbed Pandora and asked if a cat girl would do. It was accepted and he teleported away his pandora.

SHe was rezed and tortured by Braggolland for months to get information. Until he knew who he was. Then left her to the town of bellhollow.

Chapter 5.

His return.

Braggolland returned and went back to wf. There he cause mischief while he seemed out magical items that would help him gather himself back.

In which he did in the form of powerful old stones(yes rip of the infinity stones)

He used them to gain access to places and magic he should not. To which he was able to pull his souls back from the void(mostly) once done he made a new body and F.U.Bard was born.

Chapter 6 magnus into the mist.

So being back alive and totally incontrol. He find himself a lord and a castle keep in wf.

Magnus had disappeared only months before.

To the point the duchy sold off his estate.

Many old things sold but F.U.Bard and saint Ce'dar(roland d powers now) got into a bidding war over some of the old books that F.U.Bard won.

Getting him a few good magical good but most importantly gaining him the Flynnishad

(The flynnishad being an old.relic of days of past.

It has a binding spell that all who read it fall under its control and have to follow Flynn as a god.)

F.U.Bard became a bit of an up and coming threat. He had many read from it and then swear they never did.

Sleeper agents.

But then he was killed.

But the pheonix pulled him back and told him that he amused them and he would be a play thing for ever.

Making him angry. Since then F.U.Bard has looked for ways to end the immortality that the pheonix has placed on him.

He has lashed out as any that claim them selves vessels of it. Like the admiral.

The admiral hate him because of what happened to pandora. Also that he had got to one of her beltlings with the flynnishad who tried to killer her with the ise of the beltling.

Sadly that failed.

His mai focus has always been to kill the fire chicken. The feud with the admiral is just fun and games to him now.

On his journey he has found alleys to help and some that just seem to care for him even though he is not totally sure of them.

Spooky stromcaller is one.

Id is another

((Keep in mind this is a shorten tale))

Belted Family

Sir Grand Admiral Anne Cash

Notable Accomplishments

~ Miscellaneous

  • Paragon Barbarian granted 2017-02-04 by Prince Regent William Black at The Duchy of Wolven Fang, in The Principality of the Nine Blades
  • Co-Founder of Silva Urbem, in London, Ontario, Canada.

~ Officer Positions

  • 1st Sheriff of Silva Urbem from June 2014 until September 2014
  • 2nd Chancellor of Silva Urbem from September 2014 until November 2015.
  • GMR of Wolvenfang February 2016 - August 2016
  • GMR of The Principality of The Nine Blades May 2020 - July 2020
  • GMR of The Kingdom of The Nine Blades July 2020 to May 2021.
  • GMR of The Kingdom of The Nine Blades November 2021 to May 2022.

~ Guildmaster Positions

  • Current Guildmaster of Masks for the Kingdom of The Nine Blades July 2021 - present
  • Guildmaster of Masks for the Kingdom of Goldenvale April 2016 - November 2016
  • Guildmaster of Barbarian and Monster for the Duchy of Wolvenfang February 2016 - August 2017

~ Non-Noble Titles

  • Non-Noble Title of "The Undaunted" granted 2012-02-01
  • Non-Noble Title of "The Spinecracker" granted 2015-03-22
  • Non-Noble Title of "The Brutal" granted 2017-02-04
  • Non-Noble Title of "of The Nine Blades" granted 2017-02-05
  • Non-Noble Title of "THE" granted 2 August 2019 for being THE ONLY FUBard in all of Amtgard.
  • Non-Noble Title of "The Nameless" granted 2020-04-04
  • Non-Noble Title of "Sannin" granted 5 November 2021 by The Kingdom of Dragonspine's Queen Stillhet Vrede Ringabel
  • Non-Noble Titles of "The Wonder", "Priest of Dawn", "The Silent Whisper", "Figment of Imagination", and "the Golden Grin" granted 18 December 2022 by Captain Jack the Black of Brutes Bay

~ Noble Titles

  • Noble Title of Esquire granted 2015-02-07 by King Archduke Nydgenga Dawnbreaker of The Kingdom of Goldenvale for Years of Dedication to the game and for service as Shire Chancellor
  • Noble Title of Lord granted 2015-02-07 by King Archduke Nydgenga Dawnbreaker of The Kingdom of Goldenvale for Service to Amtgard and successful terms in Shire Office
  • Noble Title of Defender granted 2020-10-25 by Queen Admiral Anne Cash of The Kingdom of the Nine Blades - Taken as "Praetor" for outstanding term as Kingdom GMR
  • Noble Title of Viscount granted 2021-08-08 by King Varen on The Kingdom of the Nine Blades - Taken as KHAN for service as Kingdom GMR.

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