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Baronet Galaness Von Eichmann, Esquire, of Midnight Sun - Emerald Hills

”Fight smarter not harder”



His parents were both of court but from different lands. His Mother a Royal Irish hand maiden, and daughter of The Royal Huntsman, His father a General in a German Landsknecht Corp.

He grew up in the court, but loved hunting with his grandfather more. He learned all he knew about plants, animals, and how to survive in the woods. Most of all, he loved the freedom it gave him. Since his father wanted him to learn military tactics and become a soldier. While his mother wanted him to just be a lord and gain title and lands.

Galaness' Amtgard military career started in {(Iron Cloud)}. Where he started as a fighter (like most), under the area champion Tater. He later learned of an opening for a ranger(scout) and quickly jumped at the opportunity. He took some time off after Iron Cloud dissolved, and when he returned to Emerald Hills he found a new home with Midnight Sun.

Since starting over in a new location he started on the same path scouting for Midnight Sun. as the number of scouts for the area grew he thought he would make his father more proud and begin learning battlefield archery.

In June 2013 he became Sheriff for two terms

At the same time he was approached by Sir Falamar about a new opportunity. When in June 2013 Sir Falamar and the four horsemen were executed and raised as death knights. Sir Falamar promoted [(Galaness)] to court Executioner. Were he served as a spy for his clan and the rebels. Eventially leading a revolt with the leaders of 3 other clans stopping Falamar's Banshee from destroying the rebels.

He started the Celestial griffons house hold. He lead them and the stragglers of several other groups to take 3rd in the 2013 Banner wars.

After Falamar was taken out of office he stayed on to continue as court executioner for Count [(Granite)] Jeweleater. He made sure the new king did not need to be stopped as well.

After mastering the special arrows and field work of the archers achieving Guildmaster of Archers for Midnight Sun he yearned to return to nature and started studying the way of the druids. He has quickly taken to the offensive style of combat. between slinging spell balls and Loves freezing Barbarians charging through nature. However in a large scale engagement is also good to be the enhancer and enchant his team. He has now become a Ranger. He is glad to pick up his bow again to defend the forest, but also be able to back it with spells both spell balls and verbals.

Notable Accomplishments

Baronet in the Emerald hills.

Lord in the Emerald Hills.

Esquire of the Emerald Hills.

Sheriff of Midnight Sun.

Guildmaster of Reeves for Midnight Sun.

Currently Guild Master of Archers for Midnight Sun.

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