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Gallios McNikle
Home Park Lands End
Current Park Lands End
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2011
Noble Title None
Belt Status Page to Squire Samael McNikle

Page Gallios Santos McNikle of Land's End, under The Kingdom of Polaris

”I'm gonna roll that line.”

"Gallios... Gallios Santos" - Often sung by people as he approaches an enemy.


Gallios was introduced to the game by his real life cousin, in game brother, Samael McNikle in 2011.

RP Biography

"Long ago in a distant land, he, Gallios, the fight-after-deathing master of dankness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish noob monk wielding a magic pole stepped forth to oppose him. As the final blow was struck, he tore open his rage and destroyed the monk and all of his friends in a foam fueled fight-after-death, on the field his might is law! Now the fool seeks to return to the field and once again try the might that is Gallios!"

Gallios travels the world, sometimes crossing paths with his brother Samael McNikle. While Samael studied magic, Gallios studied the sword. When that didn't work he got angry and killed everyone in a blood induced rage. Enjoying the feeling of his newfound power, the Barbarian dedicated all of his focus to mastering his craft of rage and desolation. He is a valuable ally to his family, as well as to his newfound brotherhood; the Wings of the Dawn.

Affiliated Groups





Belted Family

Gallios is a Page to Squire Samael McNikle and a MaA to Grand Duke Squire Lauxus Stormtide

Grand Duke Sir Broton Locksalt - Knight of the Crown

Notable Accomplishments & Titles

Offices Held

  • Champion of Lands End (April 2018 - August 2018)


  • Awarded the Non-Noble title of "King of Memes" at Curse 2019, along with Bloo's award of "Queen of Memes"


Other Notable Accomplishments

  • Rolled an entire line at his first event Summer Trials.

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