Gere Von Stien

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Lord Gere Von Stien, of Dark Shores, Rising Winds

'"I'll get to it, eventually. "'



Gere Von Stein began playing in early 2003 in the shire of Three Rivers where became a polarizing member of the park, known particularly for his martial prowess. Due to personal differences he initiated a split from Three Rivers and formed the Shire of Sacred Valley (A chapter of questionable legitimacy), eventually rejoining Three Rivers before it's downfall. Upon the reforming of the land under the Dark Shores banner, he came back out and helped stabilize the park. During his most active period, he served several terms in office, and brought a lot to the game. Stopped playing the game late 2008 in favor of his martial arts pursuits, but returned summer of 2010, only to stop playing again. It is 2012 and Gere has returned to the game to yet again come out on a near regular basis. But will most likely quit. Again.

Affiliated Groups

Roger's Raiders

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

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