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Lord Geryon, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains


"THE GREAT SHIELD OF STEEL RIVER!!" Began the game in the Fall of 2004 at Griffon's Lake in Little Rock, AR. Joined the Templars soon after joining. Known for doing a lot of spins and flashy/flurby stuff while calling out the name of the attack, such as the "STORM OF NEEDLES"- Multiple Thrust Barrage and the "Crucify!!"- Motion Slide Left Fake UnderShield Reverse Hip Wrap to Motion Slide Right Hip Wrap. Core member of the park who has been known to 'fight by himself out in the cold rain' on some of the less favorable park days

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Healer



  • Lord, Esquire

Additional Images

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More Information

Goes by "Geryon TD" on E-Sam, the "TD" referring to Tal Dagore.

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