Giant, Fomorian

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Hated are these twisted, massive abominations, for they readily devour our brothers who chance upon their filthy, reeking lairs. It is wise to bring fire when Fomorians attack, for it drives them back into the shadows, where our Wardens may deal with them from afar. Their clumsy ambushes, while inept, have nevertheless inflicted great casualties to our trading parties.
What Lurks Below

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Rags, hunchback or other deformities.
  • Suggested: anything that makes you look taller or larger.
Requirements None
Monster Type Humanoid
Level 3
Power Rating 2
Armor 2 (Natural) or 3 (Worn)
Shields None
Weapons All Melee, Rocks



  • Added Effect: A Fomorian Giant affected by Flame is affected by Terror as though it were cast by the caster of the Flame effect.

Special Notes