Granite Crown

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Amtgard Chapter
Shire of the Granite Crown
Kingdom Goldenvale
Status Shire
City Nashua, New Hampshire
Park Greeley Park
Meets on Saturdays 12:00 PM
Founded 1991
Active Active

The Shire of the Granite Crown is located in Nashua, New Hampshire.


Goldenvale was founded by Amren the Tall in 1991. It was elevated to Kingdom in 1995. Having transitioned to floating crown, the chapter returned to being a duchy in September 2015.

The park collectively received an Order of the Flame for winning the Crow King missives by King Nexus Crow on 4 September 2016.

The park chose to demote to shire and rename themselves the Shire of the Granite Crown on 18 August 2018.



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Contacts and Directions

The group meets every Saturday from noon at Greeley Park in Nashua, New Hampshire. The most common address to use for GPS is 85 Manchester Street, Nashua, New Hampshire. The players meet across the street from that house.


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