Green Day

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Green Day, of Freehold X

"Green Day vs. Long Cat"
Home Park "X"
Kingdom "Neverwinter"
Year Started "2004"
Noble Title "Order of Merlin, 1st class"
Belt Status "Thin"

”Rufus, Brint, and Meekus were like brothers to me. And when I say brother, I don't mean, like, an actual brother, but I mean it like the way black people use it. Which is more meaningful, I think.”

Player Bio

  • The Green Day began playing in 2004 at the Lost Woods
  • In 2006, Green Day develops the GDT theory, "The fatter you are, the better you fight".
    • Many attempts to become a personal fat ass (and thusly a bad ass) fail.
      • Becoming aware that this dream will never be realized, Green Day retires from Amtgard
  • In 2007, after making a re-debut at feast as the ZEBRA CONQUISTADOR, Green Day was asked to be serious for two seconds and consider joining the Seraphim. He did.
  • In 2010, Green Day went abroad

Character Bio's

Green Day's main character is, GREEN DAY.
Level 6 Bard
Additional 4 levels of prestige class Guitar Hero

Green Day bio:

Green Day jumped into a bile duct of toxic waste.


In the hopes of a better life with super powers.

he is now mentally handicapped and will have assisted living for the rest of his life.

*UPDATE* Green Day has recently been shattered by the vile necromancer Kroaker. In a coup that took place in a CEMETERY OF SCARY, he was overwhelmed by the upstart Necromancer and his band of undead. Before he died, he whispered a message that was heard inbetween the living and the dying.

*read in a sCaRY voice*

"My body shall rise probably sometime around or after the NBA FiNAlsssss of 2011..., when the Dark Church and Club Vegeta dX bring their collective magics together to cast an unholy resurrection upon a nexus of Evil so powerful, ANIMALS will be scared of it (terrifying). A plague upon you Kroaker! May your leveling be slow and grindy. May your monsters have crappy drops. May your server lag frequently. Also, if somebody could check my cloak pocket for tomorrow's lottery ticket, I was really feeling lucky... These are my last wishes, wishes, wishes, wishes (slowly fading)"

Green Day's Alternate Character is Green Sanchez
In-between Level 1 and 2 Wizard
Green Sanchez bio:

Green Sanchez died in a fire trying to learn lightning bolt.
the end.

Nope. still dead...

Green Day's third character and Main Alt is Project: JASON PRESCOTT
Level 1 Victorian Age Aristocrat Color
Jason Prescott bio:

Basically, this is Green Days excuse to wear a monocle at feast and punch people in the crotch. Chap.

Affiliated Groups

The Seraphim fighting company

The Seraphim are blurry. This is not the photographers fault. They are a large, out-of-focus fighting company, and to me, that's extra scary. Run. Get outta here. They're fuzzy.

Seraphim Heraldry.jpg

Club Vegeta dX

Belted Family

  • Green day tried to belt himself on the grounds that it had never been done before. MaAoHS (man at arms of himself). Family ties were soon shattered from internal bickering. Green day left his own family name and started his own line. again. Technically, he is actually Green day II though no one seems to give a shit.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Founded Shire of Elderly Sands (now defunct)
  • Founded Shire X (currently defunct)
  • Exploded a pair of cleats mid-combat. I know this has no greater significance, but, i find it to be notable. I mean, the shoes blew up. C'mon. That doesn't happen every day.
  • Founded Panda Bear Fans club
  • Co-Founder of Club Vegeta dX
  • Voted worst wiki page from its inception by overwhelming majority
  • Chronicled Almasy's War:
  • Successfully casted, "Consult Great Sages" ritual. Claims to know the next 50 World Series winners.


  • Ninjas are Mammals
  • Green Day Never breaks character
  • Currently the highest credit holder for the Guitar Hero Amtgard class
  • *Never* shake hands with Green Day. He probably has touch of death prepared. You noob.
  • Seraphim Questocrat
  • Will make out with *ANYONE* who offers him an orange at feast.
  • Has been writing a fan-fiction biography of Chris Kringle for years
  • Green Day has named all of his swords after songs from Aladdin. This was a tactical and necessary counter maneuver after Viscount Darian Staruk labeled his swords after songs from the musical Grease
    • Arabian Nights (short sword)
    • Prince Ali (long sword)
    • A Whole New World (of pain. short sword)
    • Street Rat (long sword)


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  • febcolors.jpg

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