Griffin's Ridge

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A defunct Shire of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds, located in Dayton, Ohio.


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One of the founding shires of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

It started around 1999 by "Gothic Sinclare". A few months after we were approached by a few people from the Rising Winds. We were one of the first 5 shires to join them, as a group of shires under the banner to finally rise as a Kingdom. The shire grew and shrank in numbers almost ever summer. At one point in time we had over 20 members at Rising Winds Coronation event. We had a few with lord and lady titles and masterhoods.

Last active in 2008, this park is now a part of Valley of the Forgotten Giants. Located in New Carlisle, OH.

Contacts and Directions

(This chapter no longer meets and is defunct.)

Griffins Ridge played at Taylorsville Metro Park in Dayton/Vandallia. The chapter met sundays at either the TR-4, or during the winter TR-5(at the stone shelter) entrance from 12 noon onward.

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