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Fidelitas, Decus, Virtus



"The founding principles of this company are Loyalty above all, Honor to those whom honor you, and Valor even in the presence of overwhelming odds."

Man at Arms General Fionnigan Hellblazer Commander of Gryphon's Rage F.D.V.


The fighting company of Gryphon's Rage, also known as the Gryarhweard, was founded in the then Duchy of Eagleshire in 1998 by TuK!, Dark Tigger, and Eep. The company struggled through its first few years, coming close to breaking up many times. Things began to change in 1999 as new members were added to the group including Ghost, Gryphons Haven transplant Thrann Von Doom, and Juju. Shortly thereafter the company added two more new members with another Gryphons Haven refugee Fionnigan Hellblazer and Wort. As the next few years went by the company experienced many great achievements and added three more members, and TuK! the company’s spiritual, if not always actual, leader was squired.

The first incarnation of the company was short-lived. Shortly after the appointment of Fionnigan Hellblazer and Juju to the positions of Sergeant and Captain respectively. The founder of the company left due to personal reasons, two other members joined the Corsairs, and the remaining members were offered the oppurtunity to leave after receiving an offer from the Green Dragons for membership if they were not members of the company. Some members chose to leave, seeing the offer as a better oppourtunity for advancement within the game. Fionnigan Hellblazer chose to stay. Fionnigan Hellblazer continued to struggle for another eight years to get the company back up and running before dropping the banner in the Spring of 2011.

If there is any question as to the impact of Gryphon's Rage on the Emerald Hills one need only look closely at the Emerald Hills high table. Among the many wooden crest shields adorning the table is a lone gryphon.

Yet another sign of the companies impact on the Emerald Hills and Amtgard as a whole is the fact that at least three differant monarchs from two kingdoms, multiple squires, and two knights have been alumni of this company.


The Old Gang 1998-2003 (From left to right: Thrann Von Doom, Reine Von Doom, TuK! Uziel, Fionnigan Hellblazer, Juju, Dark Tigger, and Wort.)

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Fionnigan Hellblazer, Mrs. Juju, Juju, and Dark Tigger Gathering of the Clans XIX




Gryarhweard mount up!

Former Members (Retired)

  • Eep! Founding Member F.D.V.
  • Tarot Lacatus
  • Broken
  • Wort Veno Magister
  • Jacques
  • Ghost

Company Info

O.R.K. Company Entry [1]


Order of the Zodiac given by Arch Duchess Dame Eclypse Blackfire, in the Twenty-Seventh Reign of The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills.