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Viscountess Dame Hadeline DieReiterin, of Lupine Moon, Northreach

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Dame Hadelind Die Reiterin became the first Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Northreach in July 2017. She was elevated to the peerage by Queen Azrael-Jade of Dragonspine on July 29th, 2017, just moments before Northreach assumed the mantle of Kingdom.

Affiliated Groups

Northreach Responders

Belted Family

Page Lady Aurora Vondrelli
Page Vex
Page Hawk Alakdan

Notable Accomplishments

Crown Knight July 29, 2017 from Queen Azrael-Jade of Dragonspine
Viscountess July 30, 2016
Baronetess Feb 7, 2015


Prime Minister of Northreach - 2/2014-7/2015
Monarch of Northreach - 8/2015-7/2016
Duchess of Lupine Moon 8/2016-2/2017
Prime Minister of Northreach 2/2017-Present

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