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Haj-Alxan of Ethereal Tides



Haj began fighting in Dark Shores in 2011. He was introduced by Mithos Yggdrasill of Dark Shores. His time there was short lived, however. He returned after meeting Mordecai of Ethereal Tides in 2015.

He regularly attended Dark Shores park days and fighter practices where he was inspired by the dedication of Hagar. He began playing as an Assassin until he discovered his true desire to control the living and the dead as a Healer.

After attending some Kingdom events at Ice Haven, he fell in love with the beautiful Barony and its people. He discovered his love for travel at Curse 2016 (a Rivermoor event) where he was asked to join The Brotherhood of Dark Tower, of which he was made a full member the following Dungeon Day.

Before long, Haj began seeking the title of Paragon Healer. Though it was hard, Haj had to leave the Shire of Dark Shores to join the Barony of Ethereal Tides in December 2017 in order to further his skill and reputation. Shortly after joining Ethereal Tides Haj became the group’s GMR. Haj’s passion for fighting was ignited after he attended SKBC in 2017.

He was belted as a Page under Shimazu, under Termus at the end of June 2017. Haj and his belt brother Balder Highwind were approved by Termus at Keep 2017. Shimazu dropped his own belt (and in effect, those of his underbelts) shortly after May of 2018, though he and Haj still have a close bond, and Haj still looks to Shimazu as his mentor in martial skill.

His first Kingdom level award was an Order of the Jovious, presented at GAC 2017. Haj was awarded his dream of Paragon Healer at Dungeon Day 2018; he accepted Hopper of Traitors Gate as his apprentice only a few weeks later.

Haj is passionate about traveling to represent The Kingdom of Polaris and to represent his own growth as a player. At GAC 2018, Haj ascended to Kingdom level office for the first time as Kingdom GMR.

He aspires to be a Paragon in all casting classes, in the order of Healer, Wizard, Bard, Druid as well as becoming a Knight of the Sword.

Affiliated Groups

The Brotherhood of Dark Tower

The Black Hand

Notable Accomplishments

Paragon Healer of Polaris Dungeon Day 2018

Polaris Order of the Jovious GAC 2017


Ethereal Tides GMR spring/summer 2018

Ethereal Tides GMR summer/fall 2018

Polaris GMR fall/winter 2018

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