Hannibal Finvarra

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Duke Squire Hannibal Finvarra Defender of the Iron Mountains

"Only 5 more months"- Hannibal

"!'ve got balls of steel"-Dougie


He got 99 problems but melanin ain't one.

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Hannibal started in Oct. 2003 in Wavehaven, DS (Santa Cruz, CA.), then moved to Falcon's Reach, DS (Sacramento, CA.). Hannibal has moved to IMD in the Iron Mountains, after staying in The Northern Holdfast for a sort time... where he is be part of an honest to goodness kingdom with some of the best stick in Amtgard. Lucky bastard.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Golden Lions since 2007
IKOP Swing Cook since 2009

Belted Family

Dame Ailanthus belted Hannibal as a Man at Arms on May 25th 2006, on March 1st 2008 Hannibal became a squire under Ailanthus. On October 18th 2009, Hannibal became a squire to Sir Guy, who was Ailanthus's squire bro under Ivar. Hannibal has one WaA, Blue Wolf, she has been under him since August 29, 2009.

Family Tree

Sir Nevron Dreadstar-Sword 1988, Crown 1990, Serpent 1991, Flame 1994

Notable Accomplishments

  • Placed 2nd in DW's Crown quals tourney Oct. 09
  • Won IM's Weaponmaster Sept. 09
  • Placed 2nd in DW's Honor tourney May 09
  • Placed 2nd in IM's Weaponmaster Api. 09
  • Was California's Insurance Adjuster.

Offices Held


  • Duke - Given by Emperor Dougie of the Iron Mountains, June 2011
  • Jarl - Given by Emperor Kota of the Iron Mountains, June 2010
  • Defender of the Iron Mountains - Given by Emperor Kezgar And Regent Zumat, December 2009
  • Lord - Given by Queen Emer Of Dragonspine, May 2008

Additional Images


Hannibal and Lireal, DBW V


Lireal, Hannibal, Ceowulf, Chour, DBW V

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