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Lord Helios McDanglen of Stormwall, Wetlands

”Drunkin Gipsies took my Rum and now they must all die!”



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This story begins in the great land of Stormwall where the game was once the greatest in all of the Wetlands and will once again rise to the occasion, I started swinging sticks back in the beginning of 2002 and haven't stopped since. Joined the Marine Corps and have been in and out of the game for the past 6 years but every chance I get I'm out there Killing and Dying. I joined the Pirates of Stormwall shortly after it formed, and was made Captain of the "Bloody Fool". The company continues to grow and is known for it's chivalrous mayhem. Now I travel abroad spreading our legacy across the globe to those helpless souls who seek a brethren like no other.

Back in the beginning of 2006 me and Zelph started our own park "Nature's Change" in Jacksonville, North Carolina since the parks there have almost died out. The park lasted for about 4 months before we had to give it up due to most of the participants including myself got deployed to one place or another.

I spent some time Ottawa, Canada where my ship had become frozen in the Ottawa river on my journey back to my homeland and I was taken in by the lone warriors of Felfrost. They are a small and upcoming bunch of ruffians that are inside The Principality of Northern Empire.

Now I have returned home after 2 long treacherous winters stuck in the north with my new found allies in the Northern Empire. Back at Stormwall under the flag of the Wetlands I commence to reunite with my brethren that I have been parted from for some many years. Together we will rise to be known again in the Kingdom as a force to be recon with and also damn good at what we do, whether it be drinking or plundering....

Ahhh it's good to be home..... *fainted from the dreaded heat*

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Sailing the world currently getting lost every chance I get.... Wait I made it back home I think....
  • Haven't died yet!
  • Established/Maintain:
  • Granted the title of Lord by Her Royal Magesty Queen Esselia of Goldenvale in September 2009.

Positions Held

Attended Events

  • Spring Wars 2007 (Wetlands/Celestial Kindgom, March 2007)
  • Yule 2008 (Northern Empire, Caradoc Hold, Rochester, NY)
  • Ironwood Invasion (Wetlands, May 3, 2009)
  • Great Eastern XII: Goldenvale United (Goldenvale, May 27-31, 2010)
  • Wetlands Mid Reign 2011
  • Spring Wars 2011

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